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Curriculum Overview: Kindergarten

The Kindergarten curriculum concentrates on providing the students with the tools necessary to become active engaged learners.  Students are encouraged to explore their world with curiosity in order to further their understanding of their environment.  Our vision is for the students to become independent thinkers, therefore, utilizing essential critical thinking skills to become great problem solvers. The students acquire important social skills through the teachings of Jesus.


Through the use of visual means, students learn about the various forms of art.  The students experience hands-on projects that help to identify their strengths and interest in the field of art.  Many projects cross reference with other subject curricula.

The computer lab is continually upgraded with new hardware as well as software.  Students take computer classes weekly and the curriculum is correlated to their classroom instruction.  The Smart Board is used in the students in all of the lessons in the weekly classes.

The appreciation of creative writing offers the students an opportunity to express their ideas.  The students are encouraged to express these ideas both verbally as well as through writing.

Our goal is to enrich the mind of each student through the study of mathematics, developing each student’s mathematical skills and understanding to the full potential of his or her abilities.  With critical thinking at the core of all instruction, our  mathematics offering includes the use of  manipulatives, hands-on activities, visual representations, modeling, small group activities, integration of technology, connections to daily experiences and writing about mathematics.

Students are exposed to the world of Fine Arts as presented during their weekly music class and Nave experience.  They acquire an appreciation for the world of music through lessons that introduce them to the various composers and styles.  In addition to classroom instruction, the students participate in liturgical music.

As part of their physical development and growth the students participate in classes twice a week.  They learn the motor skills that coincide with their stages and growth and in their academic advancement and success.  Good sportsmanship and fair play are in importance focus in the classes.  The students take part in health classes for one trimester.

Beginning in the Early Childhood and primary grades and continuing through the other grades, the students reading skills and their love for reading continues to grow through reading age appropriate and stimulating stories .


Our school, an integral part of Saint James the Apostle Roman Catholic parish, guides and educates chrildren through the Gospel message.    All students participates in religion instruction which is reinforced through daily prayer and morning scripture readings, social justice projects and liturigal celebrations.  Gospel values are integrated with other subjects as a means to cultivate in all of the students a lifelong relationship with Jesus.


Students are encouraged to explore their world with curiosity in order to further their understanding of their environment.

The students develop an understanding of their community and the members that provide service.

The students are introduced to the aspects of the Spanish culture and provide experiences to learn vocabulary as well as key phrases for conversational speaking from PreK to Eighth grade.


Across all grade levels and subjects our teachers integrate the latest in technological resources into lesson plans and teaching methodologies. Our classrooms are all wired for the Internet. From animated videos of science concepts to interactive history and geography lessons, the Internet and technology and used in innovative ways on a daily basis.

Chromebooks, SmartBoards, iPads and SmartTables are just a few of the technology tools used to deliver visually stimulating educational concepts in the classroom. Additionally, our computer lab is continually updated with new hardware and software. Our students attend classes in the computer lab on a weekly basis.  The upper grade students make use of the computer lab even more frequently to complete research and prepare projects for other subjects.

The use of technology at Saint James is a fun and engaging way for students to become effective users of the latest in technological tools!