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Welcome to Remote Kindergarten

Holy Week 2020

Monday, April 6

Morning Work

  • If you choose, have your child begin an April calendar. Calendar templates were emailed yesterday. Tell your child that the first day of April was on a Wednesday. Find that box and fill in days leading up to today.

  • Color By Word Families - Easter themed (page is located in the Attachments folder on my web page)


  • Riddle of the Day: How do oceans say hello to each other?                They wave!

  • Review: Compare numbers to 10. Use a deck of playing cards and play with a partner. Separate the number cards (2-10 and aces which will be used as number 1), leaving the Jacks, Queens and Kings out. Split the number cards between your child and partner (face down). At the same time, each player flips a card. Your child should say who has the bigger/higher card and by how many - i.e. 7 wins because it is two more than 5. The person with the higher value/bigger number wins and keeps both cards. If the same numbers show, it’s a tie and each keeps a card. The person with the most cards at the end wins.


  • Rainy Day Worksheet (Reading Comprehension). This worksheet was included in the bundle you picked up at school. I have also scanned it and uploaded it to the Attachments folder on my web page.


  • Prayer and snack

Free Play

  • Free play -build with blocks, or legos, play cards, dress-up, color or do other arts and crafts



  • Lunch and outside play

  • Maybe try lunch doodles with Mo Willems (youtube) 


  • Read Alleluia! Jesus is Alive! This religion story can be found in the Attachments folder on my web page

Social Studies

  • Fun with maps

    • Log on to and read The Treasure Map, review vocabulary and answer questions

    • Now, hide something in the house and make a treasure map for someone in your family (just rely on pictures NOT words!)

    • Take a look back at the map you made of our classroom and compare it to actual pictures taken (I sent two classroom pics via email)



  • Do a spring/Easter craft!  I have emailed several suggestions or come up with a creative idea of your own. Feel free to show your craft during our Zoom call on Tuesday.


  • Log on to my youtube channel to hear another chapter of Leprechaun in Late Winter


Fun Friday, April 3

Morning Work

  • Sound books, letter Vv:  cut and paste or draw four things that begin with Vv. Post your work on Seesaw or send me a picture.


  • Roll and Add handout. Use two dice (if you don’t have actual dice there is a dice rolling app that is cool) Students roll and write a number sentence, add the two numbers together (they CAN use their fingers) and write the sum.

  • If I included math book pages 221-222, Chapter Review (I can’t remember), please do that. Parents should read directions and students should answer questions, slowly, one at a time.


  • Color by Sound handout. Practice these sounds /s/ /c/ /sh/ /ch/

  • Here’s a fun phonics video

  • Flashcard practice. Practice all words introduced since the beginning of the year. 

  • Fluency Check 2. Please find this assessment under Attachments and practice with your child. Some of the words are assigned sight words, some are words we have come across doing our phonics or other activities. Many of the words they should read automatically but it is ok for them to blend, sound by sound.


  • Prayer and snack 


  • Make sentences using sight word cards. Use worksheets sent via email on Thursday morning. Sentences can be written on the template provided or in your journal or on a separate piece of paper.

Free Play

  • Free  Play




  • Star Report - Carter. 


  • Lunch/Outside play

Social Studies

  • This is a combined social studies/math assignment. It involves using illustrations to count objects. Do math booklet entitled Problem Solving in Social Studies. There is a picture of the Statue of Liberty on the front cover.

  • Our Home and Neighborhood 

    • Please read pages 96-97 found in the Attachments file


  • Plant Life Cycle

    • Here’s a fun song about life cycles:

    • Listen to Mrs. Hiel read a beautiful book about spring (on my youtube channel - see Links)

    • Watch this video on the life cycle of a sunflower 

    • TIME TO GET DIRTY! If you have seeds, plant them in a cup, add dirt and a bit of water and place on a window ledge for sunlight. Take a picture and post or send!


  • Tune in for the next chapter in Leprechaun in Late Winter!


Don't hesitate to reach out with questions.


Mrs. Hiel

You can reach me at


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