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Welcome to Mrs. Quagliato's 

PreK-4 Class Page


During this period of remote learning, please be sure to check our YouTube link & stop by Mrs. Q.'s Cozy Corner!  It is just a fun way to stay connected. I hope to add Show & Tell on Fridays via Zoom. Details to follow.            Be safe and stay healthy!
Please remember to check in to the School's Home page as often as you can for updates.
The class is exploring the change of season and looking for signs in our environment. Be sure to point out the trees budding, flowers popping up and birds chirping to your little explorers. If you have any photos to share with the class just email them and I will gladly add them to our posts.
We have a severe PEANUT & TREE NUT ALLERGYplease be mindful of this if sending in treats throughout the year. 

Our Crayon Initiative is up and running. PreK-4 along with the help of our Service Club, “The Way” and Student Council will host this yearlong project. This worthwhile collection program aims to reduce crayons from landfills by recycling broken/discarded crayons into new ones for children in hospitals. Please continue to collect the broken crayons and we will total them up when we return to school.

 We greet each other every morning with hello from another language. This week we are sharing a simple, Ciao!

We are hard at work using fine motor and sequencing skills to create unique works of art to transform our hallway into a spring meadow. I use the children's masterpieces to show case thier talents. Displaying the children's work within our classroom and hallways creates  opportunities for others to comment and give encouragement to our youngest artists. 

This week we are reviewing our letters and number recognition.

We are continuing to get acquainted with class and school procedures and our list of class rules to remind us to  "Be Safe", "Be Healthy", and "Be Kind".  

Lending Library Books are selected by your child to be read at home over the weekend. Please take advantage of this opportunity to share your child's choice of school readings. These readings will be added to our Reading Log. Don't forget to send the book back in the bag on Monday. 

Our prayers include: Hail Mary, Angel of God, Our Father, Glory Be, and Bless Us Oh Lord.


Monday: Technology

Tuesday: Gym - please have children wear comfortable clothing and SNEAKERS.

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: Show & Tell - Check the schedule for each week's theme


3/13 - Show & Tell: Something Green
3/17- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Let’s Catch a Leprechaun- STEM
3/19-  Spring begins
        - St. Joseph's Table 
3/20- Dress Down Day, $2 
       -  Show & Tell: Something Spring theme
3/23- Middle States Visit 
3/24 - Middle States Visit
3/25- Middles States Visit 
        - Noon Dismissal- After Care available 
3/27 - Show & Tell: Something

3/30- Spring Pictures 
        -Sandwich Day 


Bulilding on the past:

Letter S - sequencing, color identifiaction and fine motor skills by making our Silly Spoony friends; Letter A for Audrina, Angela, autumn, 10 Apples Up On Top, Johnny Appleseed's Birthday and apple tasting; Letter was featured in Tuesday, Thursday; Torentino and Trees as in Autumn Trees; I for in, ice & ice cream; "P", with pumpkins, pumpkin patch, play, Paw Patrol; "N" for November, Natalia, and Noise; 'C" for Carter, cat, corn; "K" is for king, kite,kindergarten; "E" for Emma, Ellie, and elephant; H is for happy, hibernation, halo, and hello; J is for Jesus, January, Jules and joy;Mis for MAria, Madelyn, Mitchell,Mary, and Martin; O is for Ollie, Olivia, owls and octopus.


Let's Color God's World...Beautiful!


"Being Christ and carrying Christ to others."


If you should have any concerns or questions, please contact me at:


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